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NO NO to exfoliating hand mitts

Every once in a while you’ll get a new guest walking through your door and they start asking a million questions. I LOVE THIS! This tells me that they have tried to do so much research before coming in. They really want to know all the things!

When these guests come through the door, there are so many questions about ingrown hairs, irritation after waxing, and exfoliating.

I am here to talk about exfoliating. Well, exfoliating hand mitts in particularly and why I think they are a big NO NO when it comes to waxing.

When you get waxed every month, your hair becomes softer and thinner, right? Good, I’m glad you’re seeing that benefit to waxing! Of course, I will have you exfoliate regularly in the shower to make sure you’re removing that top layer of dead skin, allowing those fine hairs to grow out.

Now, when you think of exfoliating, you’re probably thinking about scrubbing the hell out of your skin and if it doesn’t feel abrasive enough, you need to scrub harder. Am I right?

I am telling you, “NO you don’t need something so abrasive!”. Unfortunately, a lot of these first time guests or long term guests who have been using exfoliating hand mitts, are dealing with a lot of ingrown hairs, irritation, and just overall not good wax results.

My thought about telling my guests no to these kinds of exfoliating procedures, is that I feel like these things actually break your hair in the long run. Early on in my waxing career, I decided to tell my guests to stop using exfoliating hand mitts because I was trying to figure out why in the world their skin was SO bad when waxing was supposed to help.

I saw a SIGNIFICANT change in my guests skin and hair growth and so did they! How, you ask? I only have my guests use their hands with the Hylunia Grape Seed Scrub last step in the shower. This helps gently (but effectively) exfoliate, helps minimize breakouts and inflammation, and reduce ingrown hairs. Also, why do I have them use it last step in the shower? Because it helps remove any impurities from other products that are used in the shower.

I also think that when an exfoliating body scrub is recommended, why would we need to add the hand mitts? Doesn’t the idea of the “body scrub” go away? The exfoliating particles in the scrub won’t even be there to do anything. They’ll get trapped in the hand mitt and be no use to the guest. Did this last paragraph blow your mind a little? Or at least make you rethink recommending exfoliating mitts to your guests?

Again, NO EXFOLIATING HAND MITTS. I don’t really think that they are the worst thing in the world because there are some cases where I do recommend them. However, that is VERY rare and I don’t have my guests use them until the end of time.

One thing I know for sure is that I always want to continue to learn. I know that there are so many wax bosses out there who don’t agree with this and honestly, I would love to hear why. I have had nothing but success with having my guests stop using those mitts but maybe you can change my mind. INSPIRE ME!

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