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I am more than JUST a waxer...

I have been a licensed esthetician for over seven years and I have owned my business for over two years. When I thought about starting my business, I didn’t think about the amount of work it would take.

When I finally leased my space all I could think about was, “What is my business name going to be?” and “Where am I going to buy all my supplies?”. The question, “How will I get clients coming into my door?” wasn’t even a thought. Isn’t that crazy? Clients are my main source of income. Why wasn’t that important to me?

Here are a few reasons why:

I knew that I was good at talking to people. I knew that I would create an environment that was comfortable for my clients but still had my own unique esthetic. I knew that I was good with social media. I just knew that overall I was a great waxer but more importantly, I WAS MORE THAN A GREAT WAXER.

There are so many things that go into owning a business that you don’t know about until it smacks you in the face. The things I didn’t know, I had to learn on my own. I didn’t start my business by asking questions. I started my business diving right in to everything! That is what made me feel comfortable but I wish I asked around. The beauty industry is filled with such great minds. If you find the right person to ask for help, they’ll help you. I AM THAT PERSON FOR YOU!

I want my beach babes to know that I am more than a waxer and I want my fellow licensed beauty professionals to know that I am more than a licensed esthetician. We all have experienced different things within the beauty industry and we can all bring something unique to the table.

I am ready to help my fellow licensed beauty pros with anything waxing, business, or social media related.

I am ready to help my current and my future Beach Babes with feeling comfortable while getting waxed, skin education, and proper pre/post wax care.

The list of things that I AM can go on and on but again, I AM MORE THAN JUST A WAXER.

much aloha,


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