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Helping You Remember Your Post-Wax Care

The most common thing I hear from my #beachbabes is, “I always forget about it..” or “I am just so busy and I don’t think about it.”.

I am here to help you with that mindset!

Majority of you are using the Grape Seed Scrub and Fur Oil or Ingrown Concentrate. So, it is usually only two products.

Here are some helpful tips to help you remember to use your products consistently:

1. Think of your Grape Seed Scrub as an everyday body wash

If it gets in the way by adding one step to your routine in the shower, it is time to kick whatever other wash you're using OUT! Start using your GSS all over your body in order to help exfoliate and cleanse your skin. Trust me, you’ll love using it everywhere, not just the areas you wax.

2. Fur Oil or Ingrown Concentrate should be on your nightstand

When I recommend this to my #beachbabes, their face lights up! I understand that we take really quick showers but it is important to not forget this step. These two oils are an absolute game changer when you’re consistent with them. Place the product on your night stand and when you go to turn your light off you’ll see it. JUST APPLY IT! It takes 15-30 seconds.

3. Think of your products like you think of your deodorant

AH! Did I catch your attention with this one? GOOD! What do we normally do the very second we get out of the shower? Put deodorant on. You should be thinking of your Grape Seed Scrub and Fur products in the same way. They are just as, if not, more important than your deodorant. Right?

I reiterate these things to my #beachbabes because I have to make sure they're getting the best results.

The Grape Seed Scrub helps so much with removing dead skin without being too harsh. The Fur Oil or Ingrown Concentrate help with ingrown hairs and helps soften the regrowth. The products help give you the best waxing results possible and making your wax sessions 10x easier. TRUST ME!

I hope I helped you make it easier to incorporate these products into your daily routine.

Much Aloha!


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