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Hair Breakage During Your Wax

Have you ever had a guest walk through your door and just bash another wax professional and say that their last waxer broke their hair? What did you do? Please tell me you started EDUCATING them?!

This blog post is about hair breakage while getting waxed and why the majority of the time, IT IS NOT THE WAXERS FAULT. Well.. in a way, it is. Why? Because your guest should know what to do to make sure breakage doesn’t continue to happen. Of course if you have a first time guest, you should be educating them on ALL THE THINGS, right?

Don’t think that this is just for waxers out there. HEY GUESTS! You need to read this too! If you are a guest of mine or someone else’s guest, please ask your wax pro questions and voice your concerns. The more transparent you are with your waxer, the better your waxing experience will be! Same goes for waxers!


Let’s talk about education. What are you talking about with your guest? Are you talking about life and just waxing them? If you are, think about this.. does that guest of yours have the best skin you’ve ever seen? Is it a breeze to wax them? I can see the look on your face now... probably not.

I tell my guests at their first wax session that I will always be honest with them. If I see anything out of the ordinary, I will let them know. When you are honest with your guests, you gain their trust and loyalty because they know that you have their best interest at heart.

So can we talk about hair breakage in particular? Obviously, if your guests' hair is breaking, you need to change things up for them. Start asking them questions. What are they doing day to day? Have they run out of product or have they just completely stopped using it? When you start asking questions, you are able to pinpoint what it is that is going on and you can now properly educate them.

Make sure your guests are using a great moisturizer. Preferably something that doesn’t clog their pores. I have my guests use Fur Oil and Fur’s Stubble Cream. It is literally a game changer and the products go such a long way. Your guests need to use these products consistently in order to see a difference.


Let’s talk about trusting your wax pro! You have to understand, when you go to see your wax pro, especially someone who is their own boss, they are not trying to “just sell” you something to get money. You have to know that they want your wax experience to be a breeze and as comfortable as possible.

You also have to understand that waxing is a process. You can’t just get waxed once and then think you’re going to have the best results right away. A lot of the time, it doesn’t work like that. When your wax pro is recommending something for you, they want to see better results every single time you come in.

Please know that if your hair breaks while getting waxed, it is most likely because of your skincare routine. Ask us what you should be doing differently and we will gladly educate you!

When you follow what they are telling you, you are making their job easier and you are making it easier for you. It is a win-win! TRUST US!

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