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Get Waxed.. I Promise, It Isn't That Bad

Your first thought when you want to get a Brazilian done is, “HELL NO! It’s gonna hurt so bad!”. I always wonder why the majority of people think this.. I totally understand having different pain tolerances but if you get a wax done by someone who knows what they’re doing then there is nothing to worry about!

Yes, your first wax is going to hurt or be the most sensitive. However, if you are consistent it gets better. Ask any of my #beachbabes who get waxed by me. I ask for their trust when they come in to see for the first time because I know what I’m doing.

When you think of getting waxed, you probably think of a tiny room covered by curtains in the back of a nail salon. You’re also probably thinking, “Are they even licensed to do this?”, or while getting waxed you think, “This is SO awkward!”. If these things cross your mind when you’re about to walk into your appointment, RUN. Your gut is most likely right. Now, if you’re actually laying down and getting waxed at this point, you’re probably never going back, right?

When you don’t go back to get waxed after four weeks, this is when things start to go bad. Why didn’t you go back? Why didn’t you want to keep up with your waxing? There are so many questions about why you weren’t continuing to wax.

I’m sure after a few days to a week you start to see breakouts, your skin is itchy, you have bad ingrown hairs, and so on. Well now I want to know, did the last person you see talk to you about pre and post wax care? Did they educate you on what to expect? Did they tell you what NOT to do post wax? Did they explain to you why it’s in your best interest to continue to wax and the benefits? Did they even talk to you? Your answer to almost all of these questions is NO. Right?

I am here to tell you that waxing takes work on both the licensed professional and guest’s side. You both have to work hard in order to see the great benefits of waxing. What I mean by that is that the guest should take the professionals advice seriously and the professional should be able to educate you on all things waxing. Trust me, when you have someone who is well educated and willing to educate their guests, you are never going to want to touch another razor ever again! When you find someone who truly knows what they are doing and what they need to look for while waxing, you’re in the right hands!

Do your research folks, waxing isn’t as bad as you think!

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