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Are you ready for your wax session?

Don't go into your next wax session with confusion or uncertainty.


Exfoliate / Use exfoliating hand mitts. DO NOT EXFOLIATE THE DAY OF YOUR WAX!

Moisturize / Try to use a light moisturizer. When you go in to see your waxer, they should be recommending a waxing friendly moisturizer for you that won't compromise your wax results.

Hydrate! / Drink a lot of water. When you are hydrated, this makes the process much easier.

Loose Clothing / When you wear tight/constricting clothing, you may feel uncomfortable post wax and can cause more irritation.

Period Time / If you plan on getting a brazilian wax done, make sure to use a tampon or menstrual cup if you are getting waxed during that time of the month. Yes, this is NORMAL.

Questions / Do not be afraid to ask questions. Your waxer should be open and honest with their answers. They should also make sure that you feel confident in their skill.

Let Your Hair Grow! / Do not shave or trim your hair before your wax session. The longer the hair the better.

You can always reach out to me if you have any questions about getting ready for your wax session.

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