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3 Things You Need For Your Wax Business

When I opened my waxing business, I asked myself what the most important things to have were. For me, it was these things:

  1. Wax Warmer

  2. Wax itself

  3. A sturdy waxing table

Silhouet-Tone Wax Warmer

The wax warmer was important for me because I needed to make sure that I had something reliable and sturdy. I knew I would be putting in a lot of work into my business and needed something good. The wax warmer from Silhouet-Tone is a must have!


I do use Berodin Blue Hard Wax. If you are a speedy waxer, this wax is so great! I can lay these strips and almost instantly remove it. I also LOVE their pre and post wax products. I love cleansing and protecting my #beachbabes skin prior to their session with their products. It honestly works wonders in conjunction with the wax(a topic for a later blog post)!

Wax Table

The last thing I made sure I absolutely needed was an amazing table for my #beachbabes to lay on. I knew I didn't just want a fold away or travel table, I needed something thick, sturdy, and again, reliable! This table is an absolute MUST-HAVE and worth the money!

I hope today's blog post helped you figure out what the most important things you need for your waxing business.

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